Ketamine has been shown to be an extremely effective, fast-acting treatment for certain types of severe depression.  Frequently cited as the most important breakthrough in the treatment of depression in over 50 years, researchers around the globe have demonstrated conclusively that ketamine works for a large majority of severe depression cases.  However, in the United States it is not yet widely used outside research settings.

The Ketamine Advocacy Network was created by actual depression sufferers who received ketamine treatment from medical professionals, experiencing relief after years and even decades of misery.  Our goal is to educate our fellow sufferers, their loved ones, and medical practitioners about this critical medical breakthrough.  This site will be a resource for all who wish to learn about ketamine as a treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), both bipolar and unipolar. It will provide basic info on the medical research, a directory of doctors who offer ketamine treatment, and links to other resources. Most importantly, it will provide a forum for patients to share their experiences with ketamine and build a common body of knowledge to benefit sufferers, their family members, and medical providers.

This site is strictly for the benefit of our fellow sufferers. We do not sell or endorse any products, services, or medical providers. No one is trying to make money here. We strongly support ongoing research to better understand ketamine’s mechanism of action, the neurobiology of depression, and future medications based on that knowledge.  And we are staunchly opposed to the illegal abuse of ketamine as a club drug. We just want to share knowledge and help other depression sufferers find relief.