Thank you, Scientific American

September 13, 2013 in Media Coverage

We are being overwhelmed today by visitors who clicked through the Scientific American article on ketamine for depression. It caught us by surprise, and the discussion forums on this site are not yet functional. They’ll be up within the next few days. Feel free to register today, and we’ll alert you when they’re ready.

In the meantime, we’ve published our directory of US ketamine depression treatment providers. See the link above. This is a good time to give a caution that you’ll see often on this site: We don’t provide medical advice here, and we are not urging anyone specifically to try ketamine treatment for depression. And you should absolutely, positively NOT try ketamine on your own illegally or for recreational purposes. Our aim is to inform you about the research and connect you with ketamine patients and doctors.

In case it wasn’t clear on the Scientific American website, today’s article is one of three parts. Here are the links to all parts:
From Club to Clinic: Physicians Push Off-Label Ketamine as Rapid Depression Treatment, Part 1
Is Ketamine Right for You? Off-Label Prescriptions for Depression Pick Up in Small Clinics, Part 2
Ketamine, a Darling of the Club Scene, Inspires Development of Next-Generation Antidepressants, Part 3

5 responses to Thank you, Scientific American

  1. I just opened this ketamine side today. I Iive in Canada with severe suiciadal and 19 times ECT treatments. I look for hope and ketamine maybe a sollution, Jana

    • Hang in there Jane. I am having treatments with an Illinois doctor who is using rTMS with ketamine for depression, chronic pain and other things. Four patients are treated simultaneously so there is a lot of discussion before treatment among us. The patients that came in with Very Severe depression say the treatment has been a life saver, and I mean that literally. They have had 20 to 30 treatments, but felt better after 5. Look for an ‘advertisement’ by Dr. Steven Best in “Make It Better” Magazine. And let me know if I can be of any help to you. God Bless You, Julia

  2. Thank you, Jana. I hope this site can provide info that might help you. Please watch the discussion forums (which are now open for business) and feel free to ask your questions there.

  3. I do not think anyone is replying to me, maybe ketamine treatment is far away helping?

  4. I read lots of comments about ketamine for depressiom. I am potental customer. But the way doctors and professionals write about it is to me like some are very positive , others cautios b/o severe side effects. Who is right and when the safe treatment will be avaiable to all citiexens of countriries?

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