An outstanding article on ketamine

November 1, 2013 in Research

Here is an outstanding essay explaining ketamine treatment for depression: The current mental health crisis and the coming Ketamine revolution

The author is a PhD neuroscientist with a deep understanding of the science and the issues. Instead of rehashing the same oversimplified messages like most articles about ketamine, this one gives a complete explanation of the key issues, and makes them very easy to understand without dumbing anything down. Most articles about ketamine recycle the same soundbites, using the same oversimplified headlines. But this article gives a complete overview, and explains how ketamine fits into the bigger picture of the US mental health care system. It contrasts ketamine against the established approach toward treating depression, which has essentially failed those with severe, treatment-resistant depression. Highly recommended reading.

The author, Dr. Pascal Wallisch, has a blog ( and twitter feed ( that cover topics in neuroscience and psychology. Many of his posts are very relevant to depression sufferers.

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  1. I try spread the word about ketamine antidepressive properties in Canada, but I myself never yet even had a treatment with positive effects. I still will do because it is my hope. But please everyone who knows the benefits of the new treatment, talk, write, prove to the right people and simply speed up the the process, as many suffering need a life back.

  2. I have been receiving IV Ketamine Treatments for depression from Dr. John Claude Krusz, MD in Dallas Texas for the last 5 months and have had very positive results. Over the last 25 years I have tried all of the antidepressants and ECT with very little positive results but the IV Ketamine Treatments are working very well for me. I would encourage anyone with treatment resistant depression to try IV Ketamine Treatments.

  3. I would be interested in hearing any stories about persuading your current physician to implement IV ketamine treatment. My present psych doctor knows all the literature, spend years as an anesthesiologist and, in theory, thinks it’s a wonderful idea. But when it comes comes to convincing him to try it, he balks, saying that the “paperwork would be too much” and it would require “research protocol approval” from the FDA. Any truth to this? I don’t feel like challenging this directly because I’m already viewed as confrontational enough but it’s hard for me to believe. Let’s put up some success stories!

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