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You can influence depression research

Redkite has posted a link in the discussion forums to a survey being conducted by the James Lind Alliance. This influential group is seeking to shape the direction of depression research in the UK and elsewhere. You do not have to be a UK citizen to complete the survey. Time is short — the survey […]

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Interactive map of ketamine doctors

We’ve added an interactive map to our directory of US ketamine therapy providers.

You may see an ad attached to the map. This is because we are using a free mapping service in order to keep our costs low. The ad is placed by the free mapping service, not us. We do not […]

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Please sign this petition regarding ketamine research

Please see this petition created by Depression Recovery Centers and consider signing.  It is self-explanatory, and compelling.

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Warning: Scam Alert

** Scam Alert **

Beware of fraudulent referral service.

UPDATE 7/24/14: The scammer has been shut down. For now. Please be vigilant and don’t fall for any offer that wants money or your personal information in exchange for referring you to a ketamine doctor. You can find these doctors on your own, for […]

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