** Scam Alert **

Beware of fraudulent referral service.

UPDATE 7/24/14: The scammer has been shut down. For now. Please be vigilant and don’t fall for any offer that wants money or your personal information in exchange for referring you to a ketamine doctor. You can find these doctors on your own, for free, on this site and elsewhere. [original post below]

A scammer is attempting to prey on depression sufferers by offering a bogus service to find the nearest ketamine infusion provider.  Don’t fall victim to this scam.  Do not pay money or disclose info to anyone posing as a “finder” who can locate the nearest clinic.  This information is freely available on our site and elsewhere.  See our Directory of US Ketamine Providers.

The scammer has set up a phony WordPress site, and is fraudulently posing as Depression Recovery Centers (DRC).  DRC is one of the world’s leading ketamine clinics, located in Scottsdale, AZ.  DRC’s legitimate website is located here: www.depressionrecoverycenters.com.

How to avoid the phony site:
The phony site has the term wordpress in its address, unlike DRC’s legitimate website.  The phony site claims to be a Ketamine Infusion Finder Clinic Locator (sic).  Do not click on these links.