Today’s New York Times article is driving a huge amount of traffic to our site.  If you are here to learn the basics about ketamine for depression (and bipolar and PTSD) see our FAQ page.  If you’re looking for a doctor who offers ketamine treatment, see our directory and interactive map.

We’ve been hard at work to dramatically improve this website, and it will be relaunching soon with a complete overhaul.  If you don’t find the info you’re looking for today, please check back shortly as we’ll be adding quite a bit of new content, and hundreds of links to additional resources.

This is a good time to give a caution that we don’t provide medical advice here.  We are patients, not doctors.  Our aim is to inform, and to make our fellow sufferers aware that there is an extraordinary new treatment available if you have severe, treatment-resistant depression that hasn’t responded to anything else.  Consider volunteering for a clinical trial where you can receive an infusion, or use this site to find a doctor who offers the treatment.  In the meantime you should absolutely, positively NOT try ketamine on your own illegally or for recreational purposes.