*** Update, 7/1/15 ***

Thank you very much to everyone who volunteered to share their first-time ketamine treatment on video. The PBS NewHour story is still in development and we expect it to air in the coming weeks. They have the footage they need for broadcast. We won’t know what will be included until the final editing is complete, but at this time they are not seeking more video for purposes of airing it. However, the producer would still welcome additional videos for her background research, to help them understand ketamine’s impact as much as possible so they can tell the story in the most effective and objective way. If you choose to volunteer your video, it will be seen by the producer and she might want to ask you some followup questions about your experience, but your video will not be broadcast on the air. As before, if you are interested in sharing, please contact me at ketadvocate@ketaminenetwork.org, and I will provide you instructions on how to go about it.

Original post, 6/8/15

A PBS producer is working on a story for the nightly program “The NewsHour” about ketamine as a treatment for depression. This producer is seeking out subjects who are willing to share their first time experience with the treatment on camera. Because the presence of cameras before/during or immediately after treatment can potentially compromise a patient’s outcome, she’s seeking out people who are willing to record their experience on their own (using a mobile phone) before the treatment and after. If you decide you’d rather not share the video after your treatment, you won’t have to, and no one else will be able to see it since you’ll record it using your own device. If you’re comfortable with it, you can simply send the video after discussing with her the parameters/terms of use. If you are interested in sharing, please contact me at ketadvocate@ketaminenetwork.org, and I will provide you with a list of questions to answer on camera before and after your treatment session.

The goal of this news story is similar to the goal of the Ketamine Advocacy network: to educate, raise awareness and offer hope to sufferers of intractable depression. A true before-and-after picture of successful ketamine therapy has never been shown in the media, and we think it would be a powerful message. Please consider volunteering if you’re able.

Dennis Hartman
Founder, Ketamine Advocacy Network