Directory of U.S. ketamine doctors

List of U.S. doctors and clinics who offer ketamine treatment for depression and bipolar.  Please help us keep this list current if you know of other ketamine treatment providers.

Dr. Glen Z. Brooks, Anesthesiologist
New York, NY

Depression Recovery Centers
Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Enrique Abreu, Anesthesiologist
Portland Ketamine Clinic
Portland, OR

Dr. John Claude Krusz, MD, PhD, Neuropharmacology
Anodyne Headache and PainCare
Dallas, TX and Grapevine, TX

Dr. Nancy Sajben, Neurologist
La Jolla, CA

Dr. Steven P. Levine, Psychiatrist
Princeton Health Psychiatric, LLC
Princeton, NJ

Dr. David Feifel, MD, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
San Diego, CA

Dr. Terrence Early, Psychiatrist
Santa Barbara, CA

Dr. William T. Goldman, Psychiatrist
Southlake, TX

Dr. Thomas M. Leverone, Anesthesiologist
Center for Ambulatory Surgical Treatment (CAST)
Los Angeles, CA 310-209-6500
San Jose, CA 831-763-9700

Dr. Diana Ghelber, Psychiatrist
Institute for Advanced Psychiatry
Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Keith Ablow, Psychiatrist
Dr. Navarra, Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine
The Brain-Mind Institude of New England
Boston MA area

Dr. Steven Best, Psychiatrist
Deerfield, IL

Dr. Scott Irwin, MD, PhD
San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine
San Diego, CA

Dr. Andro Giorgadze, Psychiatrist
Atlanta, GA

Dr. Michael Uszler, MD
Dr. Theodore Henderson MD, PhD
3 lcoations: Denver, CO | Santa Monica, CA | Boynton Beach, FL

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  1. Perhaps this research doctors knows: Dr. Pierre Blier at University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research.

  2. Sorry, any doctors who can do ketamine injections for depressed patients in CANADA? Calgary?

  3. Hello,
    We are starting to do Ketamine infusions here in Portland, Oregon at our clinic in the Pearl.
    I am trying to get my name added to the list of providers above. I am a board certified anesthesiologist, and we have done infusions on 3 patients in the last month.
    Feel free to send me an email if we can help you.
    Best Regards, Dr. Abreu

    • Thank you dr Abeu for the answer and link. I understood that both groups improved significally at 230 min. post injection however moderately in effect size by ECT group and largely for non ECT taking group.
      That means that the improvement was the best achieved with patients who never went under electrical shock therapy.

      I would like to know more what can improve for the first group and for how long, as I am from that one. I functionally, cognitively low and suicidal, memory short and long affected. Basicly I do not know how I am still alive but I have a hope that maybe the above treatment can be a miracle for me. I wait for the response.

  4. DR Abreu, how patients who took many ECT ( I took 19 ) ? respond to ketamine injections? Do you have some experience with these patients or referrals to research data on that issue?

    • Jana, I had 22 ECT treatments in two courses (10+10+2) about one year prior to my participation in the NIH ketamine study. The ECT initially helped but by the beginning of the third course I was concerned about memory loss. It did help in the sense of providing a “re-set” for my suicidal ideation and it definitely provided a calming effect but it was nothing like the ketamine. So I guess you could say I was semi-responsive to the ECT but significantly responsive to the ketamine infusion. If I could afford it, I would get more.

  5. Hello Jana,
    Well the short answer is yes to the above questions. One of the early patients we began to treat here in Portland had previously had 17 ECT treatments with no improvement. He has had depression for his entire adult life. He is 56 y/o and was diag. with depression at age 24. After his first IV infusion we noted a decrease in his PHQ-9 self assessment of depression symptoms and a decrease in his anxiety. We continue to treat him on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. I know that is anecdotal however that is my only experience so far with depression resistant to ECT.
    There is however a small study from the National Institute of Mental Health that looked at giving Ketamine to 17 patients with ECT resistant depression. They concluded that these patients did in fact exhibit an improvement in their depressive symptoms. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.
    Regards, Dr. E. Abreu

    Here is the link :
    Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2011 Jun 1;35(4):1155-9. doi: 10.1016/j.pnpbp.2011.03.019. Epub 2011 Apr 3.

  6. Our clinic web site for the Portland Ketamine Clinic is up and running. The updated link is :

    We are actively treating new patients here in the pacific northwest.

  7. please please something come up for north carolina

  8. I’m from Detroit, MI and am desperately seeking the closet low dose ketamine infusion provider. Any new leads?

  9. Are there any providers in the San Francisco Bay area? If there are I would like to hear from them/you about their services.

  10. Ketamin Infusions in France / Europe ???

    Hi I am a french man desperatly looking for keta IV in France, or UK or Europe ; could someone help please ?

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