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National news program seeking first-time ketamine patients to share their story

*** Update, 7/1/15 ***

Thank you very much to everyone who volunteered to share their first-time ketamine treatment on video. The PBS NewHour story is still in development and we expect it to air in the coming weeks. They have the footage they need for broadcast. We won’t know what will be included […]

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Thank you, Al Jazeera America

Al Jazeera America has just published a really outstanding piece on ketamine treatment for depression. Thank you to the author, Tim Bella, for telling the story in a way that balances the perspectives of doctors, researchers, and patients. Too many articles on ketamine try to manufacture controversy by hyping researchers’ concerns, which attracts […]

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Thank you, National Public Radio

NPR affiliate KPCC in Southern California did a segment on ketamine for depression today, as part of their AirTalk program with Larry Mantle.  Dennis Hartman, founder and CEO of the Ketamine Advocacy Network, was a studio guest and described his own experience as a patient, and explained some of the basics about the treatment.  Also […]

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Thank you, New York Times

Today’s New York Times article is driving a huge amount of traffic to our site.  If you are here to learn the basics about ketamine for depression (and bipolar and PTSD) see our FAQ page.  If you’re looking for a doctor who offers ketamine treatment, see our directory and interactive map.

We’ve been hard at work […]

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Thank you, Scientific American

We are being overwhelmed today by visitors who clicked through the Scientific American article on ketamine for depression. It caught us by surprise, and the discussion forums on this site are not yet functional. They’ll be up within the next few days. Feel free to register today, and we’ll alert you when they’re ready.

In the […]

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