A proposed study by a ketamine therapy provider

Dr. Steven Levine was one of the very first US doctors to offer ketamine infusion therapy for depression. A psychiatrist in Princeton, NJ, he has been providing the treatment since 2011. Based on his experience treating over 400 patients, Dr. Levine has designed a study to see if successful antidepressant outcomes can be […]

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You can influence depression research

Redkite has posted a link in the discussion forums to a survey being conducted by the James Lind Alliance. This influential group is seeking to shape the direction of depression research in the UK and elsewhere. You do not have to be a UK citizen to complete the survey. Time is short — the survey […]

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Please sign this petition regarding ketamine research

Please see this petition created by Depression Recovery Centers and consider signing.  It is self-explanatory, and compelling.

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An outstanding article on ketamine

Here is an outstanding essay explaining ketamine treatment for depression: The current mental health crisis and the coming Ketamine revolution

The author is a PhD neuroscientist with a deep understanding of the science and the issues. Instead of rehashing the same oversimplified messages like most articles about ketamine, this one gives a complete explanation of the […]

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