Directory of U.S. providers of ketamine therapy for depression, bipolar, PTSD, and other mood disorders.

New York Ketamine Infusions
Doctor: Dr. Glen Brooks, MD
Address: 80 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038
Specialty: Anesthesiology
Treatment type: IV infusion
Adjuncts: Nuedexta
Notes: For some patients, oral ketamine may be prescribed after initial infusions
Phone: 917-261-7370

Depression Recovery Centers
Doctor: Dr. Mark Murphy, MD
Address: 14362 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Specialty: Anesthesiology
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 480-788-5536

Portland Ketamine Clinic
Doctor: Dr. Enrique Abreu, MD
Address: 140 NW 14th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209
Specialty: Anesthesiology
Treatment type: IV infusion

Boston MindCare
Doctor: Dr. Isabel Legarda, MD
Address: 271 Lincoln St, Lexington, MA 02421
Specialty: Anesthesiology
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 781-538-6555

Anodyne Headache and PainCare
Doctor: Dr. John Claude Krusz, MD, PhD
Address 1: 1000 Texan Trail, Grapevine, TX 78411
Address 2: 5446 Glen Lakes Drive, Dallas, TX 75231
Specialty: Neurology, Neuropharmacology, Pain Management
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 214-750-6664

Charleston Ketamine Center
Doctor: Dr. Richard L. Bowen, MD
Address: 217 Calhoun St, Unit 1, Charleston, SC 29401
Specialty: Family Medicine
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 843-480-2273

Dr. Nancy Sajben
Doctor: Dr. Nancy Sajben, MD
Address: 9834 Genesee Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037
Specialty: Neurology
Treatment type: intranasal
Adjuncts: Oxytocin, low-dose Naltrexone
Phone: 858-622-0500

Ketamine Treatment Centers of Princeton
Doctor: Dr. Steven P. Levine, MD
Address: 300 A Princeton Hightstown Rd, East Windsor, NJ 08520
Specialty: Psychiatry
Treatment type: IV infusion
Adjuncts: Nuedexta
Phone: 609-955-4948

University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
Doctor: Dr. David Feifel, MD, PhD
Address: 200 W. Arbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92103
Specialty: Psychiatry
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 619-543-2827

Interventional Psychiatry Associates
Doctor: Dr. Terrence Early, MD
Address: 1913 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Specialty: Psychiatry
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 805-845-8770

Southlake Psychiatric & Counseling Center
Doctor: Dr. William T. Goldman, MD
Address: 542 Silicon Dr, Southlake, TX 76092
Specialty: Psychiatry
Treatment type: intramuscular injection
Phone: 817-329-3300

Center for Ambulatory Surgical Treatment
Doctor: Dr. Thomas M. Leverone, MD
Address 1: 1090 Glendon Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024
Address 2: Watsonville, CA
Specialty: Anesthesiology
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 310-209-6500

Institute for Advanced Psychiatry
Doctor: Dr. Diana Ghelber, MD
Address: 6015 Harris Parkway, Fort Worth, TX 76132
Specialty: Psychiatry
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 817-659-7344

Brain-Mind Institute of New England
Doctor: Dr. Guy Navarra , MD; Dr. Keith Ablow, MD
Address: Newburyport, MA 01950
Specialty: Psychiatry, Internal Medicine
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 978-462-1156

The Neuroscience Center
Doctor: Dr. Steven Best, MD
Address: 440 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield, IL 60015
Specialty: Psychiatry
Treatment type: IV infusion + mandatory TMS
Notes: Requires ketamine patients to also undergo TMS and SPECT (additional cost). Ketamine infusion may occur in a non-private room shared with other patients arranged circularly and facing each other while undergoing simultaneous treatment.
Phone: 877-232-1139

San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine
Doctor: Dr. Scott Irwin, MD, PhD
Address: 4311 Third Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103
Specialty: Psychiatry
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 619-278-6246

Dr. Andro Giorgadze
Doctor: Dr. Andro Giorgadze, MD
Address: 57 Executive Park South, Atlanta, GA 30329
Specialty: Psychiatry
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 678-701-7725

Doctor: Dr. Michael Uszler, MD; Dr. Theodore Henderson MD, PhD
Address 1: Denver, CO
Address 2: Santa Monica, CA
Address 3: Boca Raton, FL
Specialty: Psychiatry, Nuclear Medicine
Treatment type: IV infusion
Phone: 800-315-9630

This directory does not include every known provider.  A provider may be omitted for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They have asked to be omitted.
  • Their fees are extremely high compared to the majority of providers, far beyond the typical range.
  • They employ practices or protocols that we feel represent a poor standard of care.
  • They use experimental protocols that are not supported by multiple peer-reviewed studies, or by substantial clinical data.
  • They require patients to undergo (and pay for) expensive testing procedures which are not required in the research studies at NIH and elsewhere, and are not required by other providers.
  • They require patients to undergo (and pay for) additional therapies simultaneous with ketamine, the combination of which is not supported by scholarly research.
  • Their marketing includes outlandish claims, or serious factual errors about ketamine’s pharmacology or its mechanism of action.

We expressly reserve the right to exclude any provider for any reason at our sole discretion.  This directory in no way implies an agreement or contract between the Ketamine Advocacy Network and any provider.  We do not represent or warrant that this directory is complete or correct.

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