WARNING: Do not follow the advice about ketamine presented on How to Use Psychedelics. It is dangerously wrong. You could make your depression worse or seriously harm yourself.

Our organization advocates the medical use of ketamine by MDs to treat depression. You’ve landed on this page because you came to this site from How to Use Psychedelics. The information they present about ketamine is dangerously wrong. Any pharmacist or even a first-year medical student can explain to you the many serious factual errors on that page. The author has simply made up phony instructions for the recreational abuse of oral ketamine, which will not help depression. And they’ve added a few links from elsewhere, taken out of context, to make the page appear credible. It completely omits the most critical information about how ketamine works to relieve depression, and makes claims that are dead wrong.

Ketamine infusion therapy has provided incredible relief for many treatment-resistant depression, bipolar, and PTSD sufferers, and we’re dedicated to spreading awareness of this treatment option. But the misinformation presented on How to Use Psychedelics could lead depression sufferers to use ketamine in a manner that will not relieve depression and in fact could seriously harm them. This would only increase their suffering — the last thing a severely depressed patient needs. We’ve made repeated attempts over many months to contact How to Use Psychedelics to address the dangerous misinformation they present, and we have requested they remove the link to our site, but have received no reply.

On this website you can learn how ketamine is actually being used to treat depression, in a safe and effective manner, by licensed MDs. See our Introduction to Ketamine Therapy, or use the Learn menu at the top of this page to read about the details of the treatment. Or contact one of the doctors in our directory to get real medical advice, and to see if you are a candidate for treatment.